Indo-Us hospitals has a specialized department of Neurology which is considered by many doctors as the finest neurology department in the entire coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Our Neurology department specializes in handling various complex diseases like Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine, epilepsy.

Our specialists are constantly exploring the various breakthroughs in neurology and are pushing the limits of neurological treatment which can be achieved with the current level of medical expertise. Our department specializes in handling the following neurological cases


Our neurology department has highly trained doctors who handle and treat patients who have suffered various types of strokes. Stroke or paralysis occurs when blood flow to a certain part of the body is cut off and the blood vessel is damaged. We have various advanced equipment which is designed to help patients recover from strokes this includes cardiac monitors and pulse oxymeters.

Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are caused by various factors which affect the functioning of the central nervous system. Our experts at Indo-Us hospital are highly trained in handling the various types of movement disorders which affect our patients and prevent them leading full and normal lives.


Epilepsy is a disease which is looked down upon even in modern day society. Indo-Us hospitals provides quality treatment for epilepsy related conditions. We use the best techniques and modern equipment to handle and manage this condition effectively.

Parkinson Disease

Indo-Us hospitals offers treatment for Parkinson's disease. This treatment is highly specialized and requires the use of highly advanced medication in the hands of a critical expert. Handling Parkinson's disease also requires a strong support system which helps the patient family handle the disease and cope with it. We offer our patients complete care for handling and living with Parkinson's disease.

Some of the key services which we offer in our Neurology department include

  • Craniotomy, tumors, laminectomy,
  • Discectomy (cervical/thoracic/lumar)
  • Borrholes, shunts