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Indo-Us was founded with the primary intention of serving patients who could not afford costly treatments. We have established this hospital based on our experience in handling a 20 bedded hospital which we had run for over 1 year. This has helped us expand Indo-Us into a 60 bed hospital which provides state of the art services for various types of medical complications.



Welcome to Indo US

Indo-Us hospital has been established by Sahayata Trust, the hospital is supported and managed by highly successfully doctors With a dedicated goal to provide the best medical facilities, Indo-Us hospital has invested a substantial amount of capital in equipping the hospital with state of the art medical equipment and services.

Even the best equipment is not useful without a skilled human hand. We have ensured that the best pool of doctors is available for providing consulting and treatment for our patients at all times which is backed by the most efficient Hospital management systems which are installed throughout our hospital.

We have dedicated practitioners in different speciality areas, knowledgeable and caring support staff, highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. We take time to explain and educate you on your treatment plan and make your experience smooth and comfortable.

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Indo-US Hospital is an ultramodern multispecialty hospital owned and operated by Sahayata Trust, which is the sister concern of IMRC USA. Indo-US Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital situated in the heart of the Hyderabad City with easy accessable location of New Malakpet near Sohail Hotel, Indo-US Hospital is well renowned for the high-quality healthcare delivered, with the most modern equipment and cutting-edge technology combined with expert doctors, technicians and nursing staff with extensive experience. Indo-US Hospital aspires to emerge as the leading super specialty facility in the region. It is conceived as a complete ‘family’ healthcare facility where high quality healthcare is delivered at affordable costs. Indo-US Hospital also aims to make it a leader in healthcare/medical training. Many more super-specialties would be added to the hospital, in the next two years insha’Allah.


Indo-US Hospital Specialises in


* General Medicine and Diabetology

* Orthopaedics

* Gynaecology and Obstetrics

* Gastroenterology

* Critical Care

* Painless Normal Delivery

* General Surgery

* Cardiothoracic Surgery

* Neuro and Spinal Surgery

* Laparoscopic Surgery etc.


Note: We have 24×7 Pharmacy, Lab, OT, ICU, Casualty and Advanced Ambulance Service available.

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