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Indo-US Hospital, a prominent non-profit institution, stands as a beacon of hope for countless individuals. Rooted in a deep commitment to offering exceptional healthcare services to all, regardless of their financial circumstances, the hospital embodies the principles of compassion, excellence, and community service. Through our unwavering dedication, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, ensuring that no one is deprived of the medical attention they deserve.

About us

Indo-US hospital has been established by Sahayata Trust, the hospital is supported and managed by highly successfully doctors With a dedicated goal to provide the best medical facilities, Indo-US hospital has invested a substantial amount of capital in equipping the hospital with state of the art medical equipment and services. Even the best equipment is not useful without a skilled human hand. We have ensured that the best pool of doctors is available for providing consulting and treatment for our patients at all times which is backed by the most efficient Hospital management systems which are installed throughout our hospital.


We're not just another hospital; we are an institution of specialized care, fostering a legacy of unparalleled medical expertise. Our continuous endeavors to integrate groundbreaking medical technology with the wisdom of our seasoned professionals result in an unmatched patient experience. Through rigorous standards and a tireless commitment to excellence, the specialties at Indo-US Hospital shine brightly in the medical horizon.

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Situated in the bustling locales of Malkpet and Towlichowki, our hospital stands as a beacon of hope for the community. We have intricately woven modern medicine with a touch of traditional care, ensuring every individual stepping through our doors feels the warmth of our hospitality and the strength of our medical expertise.


After a decade of successful collaboration at our Malakpet hospital with the Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute, particularly in the thriving Indo-US Eye Department, we are thrilled to extend our partnership to our Tolichowki facility. Introducing our latest venture: an advanced Glaucoma Center equipped with premier specialist services, further enhancing our commitment to exceptional eye care. Presenting the pioneering Indo-US Eye Hospital in Tolichowki, a beacon of excellence in advanced Ophthalmology care. Our outstanding Ophthalmology Department offers a comprehensive range of specialized services, including Oculoplasty, Vitreoretina, Uveitis, Cataract, and Anterior Segment, among others. Experience unparalleled expertise delivered right here in Hyderabad. Secure your appointment today at Indo-US Eye Hospital, Tolichowki. For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us at 040-48899912 or 9281471568, or reach out via email at Elevate your eye care standards with us. Your vision deserves nothing but the best.

Guided by Vishal Govindahari, who completed his medical degree at Osmania Medical College and specialized in Ophthalmology through a DNB at Pushpagiri Vitreo-retina Institute, followed by a fellowship at LVPEI, Hyderabad. Dr. Govindahari focuses on macular diseases, myopia, and advanced imaging modalities. With six publications and two book chapters, he contributes significantly to ophthalmic knowledge. Presenting at national and international meetings, he emphasizes global collaboration. Dr. Govindahari's journey reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning him as a leading figure in Ophthalmology.

Dr. Vishal Govindahari

Vitreoretina uveitis and Pediatric retinal surgeon.

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Ambulance for the Covid Ward in collaboration with Tech Mahindra under the Corporate Social Responsibility Project

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